IT Can Cost Less than Parking

emptyrackToday was the day: after a one year plan to safely migrate from on-premise servers to cloud services, we finally have an empty server rack.

Sure, we could have recommended that the client pay for a project to get new server hardware that we could continue to maintain and support.  Instead, we partnered with our client for something a lot less self-serving: a project that will allow them to take their business to the next level!

Gone are the days of worrying about how much IT costs the company.  Our total cloud services solution :



For less than what the company pays for its employees’ parking, they now offer their staff  best-in-class, secure cloud services that support the business and help propel it.

As our client’s current IT partner, we help the company with what really matters,how technology can help drive their 10 person business forward.

How did we do accomplish this?

  1. Email, Contacts and Calendar  using Google Apps for Work – $600/year
  2. for Folder and File Storage, Collaboration and Document Management – $1,800/year
  3. Accounting using Quickbooks On-Line Edition- $480/year
  4. Asana for Project Management – $0/year
  5. SugarCRM (Community Edition) for Client and Lead Management – $240/year
  6. 24X7 Desktop and Mobile support $12,000/year


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