What should be the technology focus for small business over the next three years?

This question came up on one of my linkedin groups as a poll, but I thought it would make a better topic of discussion.

The most impactful thing that small companies should focus on is on becoming more nimble with their technology.

Small businesses are in unique place in that they have limited access to resources. If a company is focusing too much time and energy on making sure that the systems are working and maintained, or they are consistently working around its limitations, they are NOT focusing on their business.

The great news is that the current technology landscape is also in a unique place, a place that small businesses can tap into, a place I like to call “worry free computing”.

Is the server up, is it backed up, does it need to be patched, does it need to be upgraded?

Stop worrying about spam and viruses in your email, sharing large files, or how to collaborate on projects.

Partner with the right cloud software companies and service providers and let them do what they do best: manage your services for you. Let them do the worrying and free yourself to focus on what you do best: your business. You might even save a buck or two.

Once free from your distractions, you can continue on your journey of having the office with you everywhere you are so that you can stay connected with your staff, vendors, customers and partners all day everyday without skipping a beat.

Are you ready to stop worrying about your IT? Do you need help selecting the right cloud services provider(s)? Are you looking for the optimal IT strategy that allows you to have your office with you at all times? Call us; we’re here to help.