What IT can do for you…

IT can do more for you during this ‘slow’ period than just keep your computers’ lights on. Leverage your current IT investment by asking your IT to add to the top or bottom line of your business.

How IT can add value to your bottom line

IT can help you explore alternatives to software and hardware expenditures that won’t necessarily break the bank. Together, you can rethink your current software vendor selection or even think about replacing your existing computer programs with more cost effective, Open Source or lower cost alternatives. Solutions that not only work within your existing constrained budget, but also add additional functionality that you can leverage tomorrow. Learn more…

A professional services company was in search of a CRM solution for their business. They collected proposals from all of the usual suspects. Much to their surprise, the solution that they required would result in a six-figure investment and the proposed solution would only take them to Phase 2 of the project. With this project all but dead, the Open Source solution, SugarCRM, became this project’s saving grace. Complete customization and deployment of the first 2 Phases saved them half the cost. In fact, Phase 1 was delivered without a spending one dime on software.

How IT can add value to your top line

Challenge IT to help you with your marketing/sales efforts. Have them help you (in conjunction with your Marketing/Sales staff) dissect which of the Web 2.0 tools and methodologies your company should start turning to in order to:
Improve product visibility
Increase your brand’s reach
Monitor and track your Marketing/Sales efforts’ effectiveness
There are plenty of tools out there to explore, but you need someone to help you understand how they work, the kind of cost, effort and energy that it will take to implement as well as how it will fit into your organization. For this, there is no better place to turn to than to your internal IT. They are already used to cost/benefit analysis and they have a great understanding of how you do business (from the technology perspective). All that you need to do is ask.

A company looking to further their brand turned to IT in order to deliver SEO (Search Engine Optimization), complete a cost/benefit analysis regarding social networking solutions (Facebook/YouTube). The result, the choice to improve monitoring of campaigns, a new SEO methodology and better branding using blogs and cross-website marketing.

What can IT do for you?


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