The Future for Blackberry is Keyboard-less.

Are you still clinging to your Blackberry mobile device?  Are you expecting that they will make a miraculous comeback?

It used to be that Blackberry offered some very compelling reasons to use their technology:

  1. An actual keyboard that makes it easy to type out messages.
  2. Instantaneous email (could almost use email as a text/chat service)
  3. Blackberry messenger for chatting when corporate email would leave too much of a trail.
  4. Security.  The ability for the company to guarantee that corporate data won’t fall into the wrong hands is huge!

Recent activity from Blackberry does not look to support your theory of a miraculous comeback.  They will either fade away like Palm or thrive as a mobile security company.  Either way, they will never be the Blackberry that you became addicted to.

What does this mean for you?  
Blackberry support for their keyboard device will be virtually non-existent.  In fact, Blackberry is no longer in the phone manufacturing business.  Their new manufacturing partner will not produce a keyboard wielding Blackberry in the near future and your Blackberry with that keyboard is now officially obsolete.

The advent of Android and IOS that give you near-instant access to your email from many different mobile email clients along with access to every new social and communication platform make Blackberry Email and Blackberry Messenger mere reminders of how shackled communication once was.

The only differentiator remains security for the corporation.  The ability to safely separate personal and business in a way that guarantees business the security they so desperately need is the right space for the Blackberry brand to play in.  The good news for everyone is that the new Blackberry security model will be device independent.  If you are an iPhone, Android, or even a Windows Phone user and you want to use your personal device for work, Blackberry is coming to you.

So stop clinging to that Blackberry keyboard and get a phone that will be with you for the future.

Unfortunately for you, the future for Blackberry is keyboard-less.


03 - 2013 Technology Trend